Top Factors to Choose a women solo travel

women solo travel

Solo travel has become very popular these days as it gives you the freedom and control to enjoy your journey as per your wish. After the rise of feminism, women solo travel has become super popular. 

But the freedom doesn’t come without responsibilities. And thus a woman must take care of certain things before she chooses any solo travel female packages. So in this blog, we will cover very important factors that you as a woman must choose before traveling solo.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Women Solo Travel

Safety and Security

The primary concern of any solo female travel is security and safety. For security, a lot of things need to be taken care of. The destination, the path of the journey, the weather, the mode of transportation, the people you may find on the way, the travel agency you choose and so much more. 

And apart from this having safety measures can aid a lot in your safety. Carrying pepper sprays, learning martial arts for your self-defense, and carrying extra money so that you don’t have to rely on someone else for any emergency can help a lot.

Destination Suitability

The suitability of the destination plays a very important role in the comfort and safety of women solo travel. When you choose a location make sure to check the crime rate, the rate of theft, the safety of women, and availability of the female amenities like separate female washrooms at regular distances on the roads, availability of sanitary pads, and many more are super important. 

There are certain locations that promote solo female travel in India more than the other locations.

Cultural Sensitivity

Another very important factor that you must keep in mind while choosing any female travel solo package is the cultural sensitivity of the place you are visiting. India is a highly diversified country and there are several cultures in it. There are more than 22 languages spoken and thus make sure that you don’t face any challenges in the communication. Then knowing the food habits, the dressing, the weather, and the cost of the place are all very important for a smooth journey. A very important aspect of this would be to consider the legal laws as well.

Benefits of Women Solo Travel

Self-Confidence and self-dependency

Traveling solo makes a woman very self-dependent. All the self-doubts end as she keeps on completing the journey. A woman realizes that she can do anything on her own and she is not meant just to stay within the four walls of the house.

Broader Perspective

Traveling and visiting new places, and meeting new people gives women a broader perspective and understanding of the world thus helping in their personal growth.

Peace and self-awareness

We all know that before understanding others and the world, a person must understand his/ her own self. Traveling alone gives you time to think about your own habits, interests, and fears thus making you self-aware and also giving you peace in the arms of nature.

Better communication and social skills

Experiencing various cultures and communicating with various people enhances a woman’s communication and social skills.

Women empowerment

By travelling alone a woman not only motivates and inspires herself, but also all the girls and women who are around her and the women of the world in total.

Overcoming challenges

– Plan Ahead: Make a thorough schedule, do extensive research on your destination, and prepare backup plans.

– Solo Travel Communities: For support, guidance, and advice, get in touch with women’s solo travel forums and organizations and the travel agemcy which you chose.

The Essentials of Packing: Bring only what you need and pack lightly. Travel insurance, a portable charger, and a universal adaptor are necessities.

– Have Faith in Your Instincts: Never question your intuition. Get out of a situation if it makes you feel uneasy or unsafe.


To tackle all the challenges the best way is to find a wonderful and supportive e travel agency that will help you in all the aspects that we have talked above. Fromtelling you all the details of the destinations to transportation to the safety, security, food, stay and everything.

Just like we do at Pravas Holidays. We provide security, safety, and Freedom to solo women travelers such that they always feel safe and explore the best of the world and within themselves. We have many solo women’s travel packages.

 In summary

Women who travel alone embark on adventures, empowering, and self-discovery journeys. You can guarantee an unforgettable and enriching experience by taking into account the elements discussed in this article. Always put safety first, make thoughtful travel decisions, respect local customs, and be ready to overcome obstacles. And if you want the best solo travel for women then Pravas Holidays are her for you. Visit our website to kow more about our packages.

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