Top Leading Women Travel Groups in India for Your Ideal Trip


Starting a trip can have a profound effect, particularly if it’s with a women-only travel group. For female travellers, these women travel groups provide an enlightening, secure, and encouraging environment. Women’s travel groups in India offer a platform for a variety of experiences by encouraging a sense of community, safety, and curiosity. 

These groups reimagine the mechanics of traditional travel, offering everything from powerful solo vacations to culturally immersed expeditions.

This is an interesting look at some of the top women’s travel groups in India, each with its special charm and reasons to think about them for your dream vacation.

Women Travel GroupKey Features
Pravas HolidaysSafe, cultural, empowering journeys
Ladakhi Women’s TravelLocal insights, cultural immersion
Women On Wanderlust (WOW Club)Diverse destinations, supportive community
JugniOffbeat trips, camaraderie, empowerment
Wander WomaniyaTransformative experiences, safety, inclusivity

Why Choose a Women-Only Travel Group?

Women’s travel groups provide a special setting where female tourists can discover, connect, and develop. They offer a comforting environment that promotes empowerment, friendships, and sharing of experiences. These groups put safety first, providing a safe space for women to explore the world. 

Customized itineraries facilitate a sense of community while catering to particular interests. These clubs provide women self-assurance, freedom, and the chance to make lifelong memories in a supportive environment.

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Here’s why it’s preferred by all:

  • Improved support and safety within a group setting.
  • The itinerary is designed with women’s interests in mind.
  • A platform for growth and empowerment amongst all.
  • Chances to create enduring friendships and experiences together.

Exploring the Leading Women Travel Groups


1. Pravas Holidays: A Pioneer Women’s Travel 

One of the leading women travel groups Pravas Holidays specializes in designing life-changing and culturally immersing trips. Its innovative strategy empowers women travelers by providing inclusive, safe, and engaging travel experiences. 

This group places a high value on cultural discovery, which promotes a more thorough comprehension of diverse locations. Pravas Holidays carefully crafts trip schedules that blend relaxation, exploration, and learning to provide guests with a comprehensive travel experience. They provide a platform for women to travel the world with confidence because of their focus on safety, strong sense of community, and distinctive discovery. 

Through the reinterpretation of conventional travel conventions, Pravas Holidays specifically attends to the needs and desires of women, guaranteeing an unforgettable and rewarding travel experience for every participant.

Tour Packages Offered by Pravas Holidays:

  • Luxury Tour
  • Solo Tour
  • Family Tour
  • Women Tour 
  • Youngster Trip
  • Honeymoon Tour
  • Mom & Kids Tour

2. Ladakhi Women’s Travel

Leading the way in women’s travel groups, Ladakhi Women’s Travel specializes in exploring and immersing travellers in Ladakh culture. This group, led by Ladakhi women from the area, offers distinctive and genuine travel experiences. 

These adventures, which include treks, homestays, and cultural exchanges, provide a true window into Ladakhi culture. Ladakhi Women’s Travel promotes local communities and offers secure and welcoming environments for female visitors, all while placing a strong emphasis on empowerment and sustainability. 

Their itineraries are designed to highlight Ladakh’s natural beauty and encourage interactions between visitors and the lively Ladakhi culture, providing ladies visiting this Himalayan region with meaningful and unforgettable experiences.

3. Women on Wanderlust (WOW Club)

Among solo female travel groups, the Women on Wanderlust (WOW) Club is a notable example that is committed to promoting amazing travel experiences for women. The organization arranges special travel and expeditions that are created by and for women, and it offers a wide variety of destinations. 

With a focus on safety, friendship, and cultural immersion, WOW Club offers female travellers a friendly atmosphere. With so many options for cultural, adventurous, and leisure travel, this club is redefining travel conventions and giving women a chance to confidently experience the world. 

The WOW Club provides women who are enthusiastic about travel with engaging experiences that embody empowerment, solidarity, and adventure.

4. Jugni

Famous for encouraging daring and culturally intensive travel experiences for female travellers, Jugni is a group dedicated to women travellers. Having been established to empower women, Jugni designs customized trips that incorporate unusual locations, cultural immersions, and volunteer work. 

The group provides a haven for women to travel the world with confidence, emphasizing inclusivity and safety. The itineraries offered by Jugni offer distinctive travel experiences that promote personal development and allow participants to interact with local customs and cultures. 

Together, the women travellers can create lifelong experiences that embrace the spirit of exploration, adventure, and togetherness in this lively community that fosters companionship.

Key Points:

  • Custom trips to unique locations.
  • Emphasize community involvement and cultural immersion.
  • A focus on diversity and safety for female tourists.
  • Promotes empowerment and personal development via travel.
  • Encourages solidarity and camaraderie among female adventurers.

5. Wonder Womaniya

One of the top women travel groups is Wonder Womaniya. A recognized authority in women’s travel groups, Wonder Womaniya is committed to uplifting and motivating female travellers. With a focus on women alone, this dynamic organization provides unforgettable and life-changing travel experiences. 

Wonder Womaniya designs custom itineraries to unusual locations with an emphasis on safety, friendship, and cultural immersion. 

The Society creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that empowers women to confidently travel the globe. Wonder Womaniya enables women to enjoy travel, unity, and self-discovery by designing enlightening travels that include adventure, cultural exploration, and personal growth. This allows women to make lifelong memories and connections during their journeys.

How to Choose the Right Women Travel Group


Selecting the right company among Travel groups for solo travelers in India requires taking into account several important factors to guarantee a secure, entertaining, and empowering trip:

  • Safety Procedures and Assistance: Give precedence to organizations that stress aid, emergency support, and safety measures. Seek out organizations that provide information, direction, and open lines of contact regarding safety precautions unique to travel by women alone.
  • Community and Reviews: Explore communities and reviews to gain insight into previous travellers’ experiences. Seek out organizations that promote a welcoming and inclusive environment, guaranteeing that women travelling alone will have a comfortable and delightful trip.
  • Itinerary and Destination: Evaluate the routes and locations taken by the group. Select travel groups that provide a range of locations and activities that suit your preferences and degree of comfort. Be sure the itineraries accommodate the needs and tastes of single travellers.
  • Leadership and Guides: It’s another factor to consider when you search for solo travel female packages internationally. Take into account the training and experience that group leaders and guides possess. Seek out organizations managed by competent and seasoned individuals who are aware of the subtleties of travelling alone for women and who can offer insightful advice.
  • Empowerment and Special Offerings: Decide on a group that provides empowerment via special experiences and shares your ideals. Look for organizations that go beyond simple sightseeing and emphasize cultural immersion, personal development, and transformative travel.

It takes careful consideration to choose the best women’s solo travel group in India, making sure that it balances community, safety, diversity of destinations, knowledgeable leadership, and programs that support women travellers’ empowerment and development.


Women travel groups, with their emphasis on empowerment and community building, provide unmatched chances for individual development, cross-cultural learning, and deep personal relationships. 

These organizations guarantee life-changing and enlightening travel experiences by giving women the assistance they require to embrace their independence, broaden their horizons, and make enduring memories.

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