Women Travel Groups: Why women should travel in groups?

We all want to pack up our bags and get away from our busy lives, especially after a stressful week. Spending some time alone in peace is what we all need. Whether you and your gal pals are finally ready to take your dream vacation or whether it’s your own wanderlust, an “Women Only” Tour is your answer.

To what extent are Women Travel Groups in India safe? What makes a difference? Shouldn’t a vacation be taken alone? We can address all your concerns. It’s an excellent decision for every woman who has always wanted to travel alone since you can travel alone without feeling alone.

Reasons to Look for Women Travel Groups:

  1.  Empowerment and Unity: Women travel groups empower women to share their experiences, by creating a supportive community and building lasting connections with other women. Solo female travel group India lets women explore the world fearlessly. Unity in solo female travel groups empowers women to embrace independence and let them discover themselves. 
  2. Safety in Numbers: It might occasionally feel scary or risky to travel alone, especially in unfamiliar places. Women’s travel groups guarantee that you will always have company and assistance when travelling, which increases security.
  3. Building Confidence: Travelling solo or even with a group can increase one’s self-esteem. Nothing will give you more confidence than attempting to navigate a strange place or speak a foreign language. With this newfound self-assurance, you may take on leadership responsibilities and meet obstacles head-on in your workspace.
  4. Friendship and Camaraderie: Women tell us that one of the main draws of going on women-only trips is the opportunity to make new friends. There is a beautiful opportunity to interact with other intriguing women in a setting full of good energy and friendship, whether it is by sharing tales and mutual experiences or exchanging thoughts and opinions. They discuss improved group dynamics and a lively setting that fosters friendship, conversation, and communication.
  5. The Joy of Unplanned Adventures: women think that travelling with other ladies is just more enjoyable! Ladies enjoy laughing. They like cooking together, socialising with strangers, and exchanging tales about their shared and diverse cultural experiences. They enjoy eating and gossiping. They are drawn to adventure travel because they are passionate about life and everything it has to offer.

Groups For Women Who Love To Travel:

There are different types of solo travel groups for Women in India. We have discussed in detail regarding various types of groups:

Types of groups:

What they will make you do

  1. AdventureWomen
  • Adventure women love to travel
  • They will take you to the most exotic corners. 
  • They challenge themselves both physically and mentally. 

2. Wild Women Expeditions

  • WWE(Wild Women Expeditions) benefits both beginner travellers and experienced travellers.
  • they take great pride in protecting the environment.
  • Trips taken with wild women are always fun and playful. 
  • environmental education, advocacy campaigns, and community projects are all supported by WWE.

3. REI Women’s Adventures

  • REI Women’s Adventures focuses mostly on hiking and backpacking.
  • They also like to relax by campaigning on the beach and visiting local art galleries. 
  • They make hiking and biking super amazing.

4. Women High On Adventure

  • Women High On Adventure (WHOA) makes you experience each destination with locals who share the same level of enthusiasm for adventure as you do.
  • They arrange meet-ups with local women in the locations.
  • Think about trekking with local mountain guides who can take you up less-trodden paths.

5. Fit & Fly

  • Fit and fly trips are for those who always think about their fitness routine while travelling.
  • While you’re travelling and experiencing new things with your new fitness-loving buddies, you won’t miss a day of workout, whether it’s HIIT, surfing, yoga, or sculpt courses.
  • You will enjoy every moment of your trip with them.

6. Adventures in Good Company

  • Even with a large group, Adventures in Good Company guarantees that you will have the freedom to arrange your trip to your liking.
  • Your guides will see whether you want to stay in for a while or want to go out.
  • The guides are experienced and flexible to meet all of the group’s needs.

7. . FP Escapes

  • Free People does more than bohemian clothes — they also host FP Escapes for women looking to get out and explore.
  • The group retreats focus on combining wellness, travel, and creativity
  • This is best for those who want to step out of their comfort zones.

Essential Tips to Choose The Best Travel Agency

  1. Researching Potential Travel Agencies: Explore different travel companies as soon as you’ve decided what kind of vacation you require. You may look for the Best solo travel female packages online. Check online for ratings and reviews of the travel companies. Additionally, you may get advice from friends, relatives, and coworkers who have taken previous trips. List possible travel companies that you can get in touch with.
  2. Specialization and Expertise: Expertise and experience are important things to take into account when selecting a travel agency for solo female travel. Choose a travel company that has a solid track record of offering high-quality services and has been in business for a considerable amount of time. By checking the places or vacation options that the travel agency offers, you can also determine how specialized they are. Travel groups for singles in India with the ideal travel experience have a good understanding of your needs and preferences.
  3. Customer Service and Communication: A crucial aspect to take into consideration when selecting a travel agency is customer service, and how they treat their Women Travel Groups in India. Choose a travel company that offers top-notch customer service, including help with any problems relating to travel. By checking websites for reviews and ratings of the travel agency, you can assess the quality of customer service that they offer. You may also get in touch with the travel company and inquire about their policies on customer service.
  4. Sustainable and Ethical Practices: In the travel business, sustainable tourism is becoming more and more significant. Go for a travel company that supports environmentally friendly, waste-free, and water-efficient tourism practices. In addition to giving you a better vacation experience, a travel company that supports sustainable tourism practices will aid in the preservation of the natural and cultural resources of the places you visit.
  5. Previous Client Experiences: In the current digital era, client feedback and reviews play a critical role in assessing a service’s quality. Search for a travel company with a high percentage of satisfied consumer feedback and reviews. You may gauge the degree of client satisfaction offered by the travel agency by reading these reviews. Additionally, you may ask the travel company if they have any case studies or testimonials from previous consumers.


In conclusion, a thorough evaluation of several aspects is necessary while selecting the top travel agency in India. Ascertain your trip requirements, check several travel companies, verify their reliability, examine the services they provide, and weigh the costs and value for the money. Additionally, you want to seek a travel guide that promotes eco-friendly travel methods, experiences from locals, and efficient communication. You may select Pravas Holidays the top travel company in India that offers safe Women’s Travel Groups in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Accreditation and licensing ensure customer protection eliminate the middlemen and establish credibility. It creates trust and makes clients believe in the services provided by the agency.

 If you want to avoid hidden costs when booking with the travel agency then you need to read the terms and conditions of the company carefully and ask them to provide you with a detailed breakdown of the total cost. Choose a travel agency with a clear pricing policy.

Yes, group size plays a crucial role when choosing a travel agency. Different agencies specialise in different sizes of groups, so choosing one that fits your tastes will guarantee a customised experience. For a fulfilling travel experience, factors including group dynamics, efficient logistics, and individualised care are taken into account.

 Ensuring the economic and social benefits of tourism to local communities is crucial. Sustainable tourism takes sociocultural and environmental issues into account. Together, they make sure that tourism benefits people and the environment rather than detracting from it.

Seek out a reputable travel company since this suggests that they have previously given their customers satisfying services. Take into account how long the travel agency has been in business. A professional travel company is more likely to have knowledge and experience.

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