“Life is a Book. Those who do not travel only read one page” -Anonymous

Ah! The superior magic of vacations. The anticipation is building and the thinking of shared adventures that will be etched into our memories for the rest of our lives and the feeling of happiness echoing from those beautiful landscapes. Let’s face it, planning a vacation is just tough, like, you are a clown juggling in a fast-speeding car on a bad road. Fear Not! This guide is the true roadmap for creating the best journeys, filled with great adventures, family trip packages, happiness, and a lot more. Let’s get rolling.

How to Plan a Family Trip?

Selecting the perfect family trip is a daunting task. Now you have to look after multiple factors that will decide whether the journey will be great or just turn out to be a worse experience that everybody hates. 

From finding the best destination to finding the best family tour packages that everybody loves can be challenging. Let’s look at how to do that. 

Selecting the Perfect Destination

Forget those common and crowded tourist destinations. Spark your imagination with a place that can really ignite the wonder in everyone. Imagine exploring the beauty of a landscape or making sandcastles on the pristine shores of Lakshadweep. 

Don’t forget to take everyone’s ideas and interests: those young explorers might love the trails of the Dinosaur in that amazing museum of natural history, while somebody would love those mountain hiking experiences. 

When making plans for a family trip don’t forget Amusement parks or water parks and interactive areas like science museums. Especially remember the family trip packages that can provide the right itineraries that can fulfill activities with diverse interests.

Decide the Best Time to Visit

The seasons matter! If you want to escape from the scorching heat, then choose a Beautiful Himalayan hill station that’s cool and calm. Or if you want to stay away from freezing winters, then how about Lakshadweep Islands in winter or any other beach in India or anywhere.

Some people would love snow-clad mountains and would love to go to Jammu and Kashmir or areas of Himachal Pradesh. Research the destinations well to stay away from exorbitant prices and tourist hoarding. 

Festivals and cultural events are a great way to add a special aura to your trip. How about choosing a great destination at the time of Holi or Diwali. The colors of Holi or Dazzle of Diwali will add a special touch to your trip. 

Build Your Travel Budget

Let’s be honest here! Finances are the main aspect of any travel trip, especially when you are on a family trip. Just set expectations according to your budget. You have to set travel costs, accommodation budget, food, activities, tickets, and some other financials for unexpected hiccups as well. 

The best way to do that is to consider family trip packages that can handle all your travel, accommodation activities, tickets, and transportation in one go. This can be a very value-for-money offer for it. 

Essential Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Trip:


Pre-book: During the peak seasons, accommodations and flights, etc tend to fill up fast, therefore book in advance to save yourself from soaring prices and disappointment.

Pack as little as possible: We understand the feeling that you want to take everything when you travel. But, resist that urge to overpack things. Opt for a versatile style of clothing, mix outfits and go with comfortable shoes. Just remember, the basics and essentials can be bought at the destination. 

Location Matters: Location matters a lot! Opt for family hotels that provide amenities like kids’ pools, kids’ clubs and also game rooms. You can also consider self-catering apartments if you prefer Homestays. 

Keep Your Travel Documents Safe: Scan the copies of the passport and keep them in different backpacks. Also, store these in electronic format on phones and carry the travel insurance in electronic format as well.

Carry Essentials: Insect Repellant, Sunscreen, first-aid kits, basic medicines, and basic toiletries are a must for any family trip. Remember to search for any type of destination-specific concerns in the environment. 

Learn about the desṭination: Learn about the destination and immerse yourself in that area’s culture as well. Research specific local customs of that area and start exploring more than a typical tourist. This helps in generating respect for that place and provides a better experience for that place. It also provides a sense of understanding of that place and you can understand the culture and people of that region. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I create a realistic budget for a family trip?

Start with setting a travel budget research travel costs and set limits for spending for each category like travel, accommodation, and food. Do involve your family in that process, as you don’t want the family members to sulk or just feel left out during the trip. 

The best way to do this is by choosing family trip packages. These packages will take care of it all at once.

How can I keep my children entertained during travel?

Kids can get bored easily during long journeys or in some tourist places. The solution for that is to pack some games, activity packs, or books for their enjoyment. 

You can also download some TV shows or movies for them but do limit the screen time. Encourage them into singalongs, storytelling, and also into window gazing as the world outside is really beautiful. 

Are there educational benefits to family trips?

Absolutely! When you experience new cultures or explore historical sites and let yourself in nature, this helps in learning new opportunities. Family trips can really spark different types of curiosities. 

How do I handle unexpected challenges during a trip?

Just Stay calm, assess the situation and improvise. Carry a “problem-solving kit” with essentials like safety pins, Duct tape, and the first-aid kit.

How can I balance relaxation and adventure on a family vacation?

Plan your itinerary well. Plan some of the action-packed days followed by a simple lazy day at the beach or in a hotel. Allow for random free time on the trip, and let yourself roam wherever to discover new places. 

What are some creative ways to capture and preserve memories?

Just ditch your camera and selfies for some moments on the trip, create a travel journal and preserve leaves, sketches, and tickets from a trip in the journal. 

You can also build a memory jar and collect postcards, trinkets, and also sands from different destinations. These reminders will help you keep the memory alive even after the trip. 

How do I find family-friendly dining options while traveling?

Research the local eating places beforehand and focus on the kid’s menu and the casual atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to head out of tourist hotspots and go to local areas of the city to find the really authentic flavors of these places. 

Embrace the cultural specialties, even if you have to go outside of your comfort zone, you can discover the best cuisines and new favorites. 


Remember, this is just the way we have come up with our family trip ideas. Don’t be afraid to change the itinerary choices explore hidden places and just get lost in the moments of an unplanned trip experience. To simplify your travel trip experience and have fun with your family just choose the cheapest family tour packages in India from us at Pravas Holidays. These packages are designed to suit your needs and wants. 

Lastly, get the best family trip packages from us and have an amazing trip with your family, because that’s what counts at the end. 

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